Walton's Antique and Estate Jewelry

Family owned and operated in Franklin, TN for the past 40 years

Our store began over forty years ago by Melba Walton, an entrepreneur who had a sincere passion for antique jewelry.  Today, Walton's Antique and Estate Jewelry has become a staple to the downtown Franklin community. Specializing in pre-1940's antique and estate pieces, Walton's maintains the foundation on which Melba created the store;  a place where all are welcome to share in the love and admiration for pieces of one of a kind jewelry.


We are open Tuesday through Saturday 10:00 am to 4:30pm.  Come on in and discover, or rekindle, your passion for antique jewelry! 



A Walton's Favorite Has Found a New Home

One of our wonderful customers and Facebook friends, Catherine, went home yesterday with a Walton's favorite for the past four years; this stunning Art Deco elongated diamond and blue zircon ring! It may look familiar as we have used it in our print and commercial advertising! We are happy that it has found a new, loving home! Congratulations, Catherine! 

The Ladies of Walton's Favorite Pieces

We often get asked what our favorite pieces are since we work in a place filled with such stunning antique jewels. So, we've decided to share with you our own favorite Walton's pieces from our personal jewelry boxes!  

On the left, Jan's Art Deco 2.00 carat Ceylon sapphire set in a diamond and platinum mounting. The eye catching presence, yet dainty feel, caught Jan's attention.  The ring was given to Jan from her husband, Dave, for their 40th anniversary! Their romance that began is 1972 continues to this day! 

In the middle, Danielle's Victorian era bypass engagement ring with two Old Mine cut diamonds that are 1.32 carats each set in yellow gold.  She chose the bypass style because it reminds her of her mother's engagement ring.  The night Matt proposed, Danielle was admiring her ring so much while driving home that she got pulled over for rolling through a stop sign! 

On the right,  Julie's Art Deco three stone natural blue zircon (4.65 carats total weight) ring set in a diamond and platinum mounting.  The ring came to the store with "Waltons" (Perhaps a Walton's jeweler from the 1920's??) engraved on the inside! Julie had fallen in love with the ring and hoped to buy it from the store, but her boyfriend surprised her by giving it to her for Valentine's Day! 

Dave and Jan 

Dave and Jan 

Matt and Danielle

Matt and Danielle

Pat and Julie 

"Nashville" Season Three

Nashville season three premiers September 24th and they are off to a glorious start! The very first episode and the second episode of the season will feature two Walton's pieces!  In the first episode, one of the main characters will be wearing this vintage 1950's yellow gold Lemania Tourneau chronograph watch. In the second episode a leading lady will be wearing and sharing stories about this lovely Victorian shell cameo broach that her character inherited from her family.  We are thrilled to be a part of another season of Nashville!  Stay tuned!

Adventures in Argentina

After days of striking out at the local jewelry stores and markets in Buenes Aires, Argentina, Mike stumbled upon a shop that specialized in antique jewelry where he found a few exquisitely, unique treasures! Tour through the images below that showcase our new Argentinian acquirements!

(Left) Mike and Adrian in the jewelry district in Buenes Aires. Even in Argentina, gold buyers are everywhere - minus the gold suits, waving a sign on the corner.  The sign above them reads, "We buy gold, silver and platinum.  We pay more!"

Victorian Era rose cut diamond and sapphire dainty drop earrings set in yellow gold. 

Edwardian white gold on yellow gold cross with a diamond in the center. 

Edwardian era Old European cut diamond and emerald ring set in platinum on yellow gold.  

Art Deco emerald and diamond earrings set in platinum. 

NPT Appraisal Fair 2014

The Walton Duo, Mike and Julie, set up shop at the NPT Appraisal Fair this past weekend.  Attendees were given the opportunity to bring up to five items to have verbally appraised by experts in a variety of fields.  With over 250 people registered and over 939 items to be appraised, it was a busy day with many interesting items to see! Check out the images below to see a few of our favorites! 

Victorian Era gold broach featuring rose cut diamonds set in black onyx with enameling details. 

An emerald cut Harry Winston diamond ring. 

Victorian Era gold locket featuring pictures of great grand parents. 

Ruby and Old European cut diamond ring. 

Art Deco Old European cut diamond bracelet in platinum. 

Turn of the century pocket watch with a beautifully detailed face. 

Melba Walton's Jewelry: A Treasure to Behold

Oh the stories and treasures to behold inside Melba Walton's personal jewelry box!  With over forty years in the jewelry business, one can only begin to imagine all the wondrous pieces that she had chosen to be hers.  Enjoy this glimpse at her personal favorites, as they are truly one of a kind, just like the wonderful woman herself! 

In 1980, Melba's experienced a total loss in the robbery that occurred at her jewelry store in Carter's Court. In 1982, the stolen jewelry was located in Phoenix, Arizona.  This particular ring was one of recovered pieces, an Art Deco diamond and sapphire ring. 

Melba's stack of Art Deco diamond wedding bands.  

Melba's Art Deco diamond and emerald cocktail ring. 

Melba's Victorian era Old Mine cut diamond pin set in yellow gold. 

Her jewelry career began in the early 1970's when Melba and her husband Jack Sr. would round up their two kids, Jack Jr and Mike, and head to the flea market.  Melba would spread a blanket on the hood of her car and place her collection of antique jewels out for sale.  In 1974, she set up shop in Carter's Court, the new up and coming shopping venue for Franklin back in the day.  People came to Melba because of her southern charm, wit and above all, her honesty.  Business was thriving, so she began to branch out to gain more inventory.  She even made trips to the Diamond District in New York City where she and Jack Sr. gained quite a reputation as the cute southern couple doing business in the Big Apple.  

In 1984, Melba, with the advice of a close relator friend, purchased the building at 410 Main Street in Downtown Franklin.  At a mere $52,000, it was the best investment she could have ever made.  Now, Walton's Antique and Estate Jewelry is the longest surviving business on Main Street.  We often hear from Melba's longtime customers whom she first met through the jewelry store, but became close friends with over the years.  She created a legacy that will not be forgotten; one that will continue to be cherished within our Franklin community. 

We Love You, Maw-Maw

Melba Walton, known by most as the founder and heart and soul of Walton's, but known to us as Maw-Maw, has passed away. She was a strong, caring and determined woman whom many have admired and called friend in our Franklin community. She will be dearly missed, however her memory will live on by those who love her and continue to support her passion for her jewelry store. Thank you, Maw-Maw, for sharing your dreams with us. We love you. 

Visitation will be held tomorrow, Wednesday June 4th from 4:00 to 7:00 pm at Williamson Memorial (3009 Columbia Avenue, Franklin TN 37064) 

A second visitation will be held Thursday, June 5th from 9:00 to 10:00 am at Williamson Memorial with the funeral to follow directly at 10:00 am.  

Walton's will be closed on Thursday, June 5th.  

Melba Walton in the beginning of her jewelry career in Carter's Court, Franklin, TN. 

Chicks Love Diamonds

You never know what you may find at Walton's! This week, one of our customers and her grandkids brought in these adorable little baby chicks! The precious little chick felt right at home in a nest made of a 10.0 carat diamond Art Deco bracelet!  Happy Easter from our favorite fuzzy model! 

He was sound asleep in his nest made of diamonds!

Happy Hunting

It's that time of year! We have hidden the Walton's Golden Egg on Main Street between Five Points and the Square! The lucky finder will win this dainty (3.8mm) strand of cultured pearls! Follow us on Facebook for hints to its location!  Happy Hunting!

The Walton's Golden Egg was found on April 16th, 2014 at 4:15! Congratulations to our lucky hunters! 

Old Mine : Old European : Round Brillant

Diamond Parts and Terminology

Ever wonder what Old Mine cut, Old European cut or Round Brillant mean while reading the descriptions of some of our pieces? Well, we are going back to the basics to give a clear understanding of frequently used terminology here at Walton's! Here's the breakdown of the three cut styles of diamonds that we most often see: 



Old Mine Cut 

This cutting style dates back to the early 1800's.  It is the earliest form of the modern day round brillant cut diamond.  The Old Mine cut features a small table (the flat part on the top of the diamond) and a steeper crown (the part angling down from the table).  The culet (the point at the bottom of a diamond) is large. Because of the tools diamond cutters used at that time, the Old Mine cut diamonds may not always be perfectly round. 

Old Mine cut plotting diagram. 

An Old Mine cut diamond. 

Walton's Jewelry example: 2.00 carat Old Mine cut diamond in a dainty diamond setting. (Sold)


Old European Cut

The Old European cut dates to the turn of the century, early 1900's.  Similar to the Old Mine cut, the Old European cut has a small table, steep crown, and a slightly smaller culet than the Old Mine. The Old European cut is going to look symmetrically round, more so than the Old Mine cut.  Art Deco jewelry is commonly set with Old European cut diamonds. 

Old European cut plotting diagram. 

An Old European cut diamond. 

Walton's Jewelry example:  1920's Tiffany and Company 1.86 carat Old European cut diamond ring. 


Round Brillant Cut

The Round Brillant is today's modern round cut diamond.  Produced largely since World War II,  this cut is very symmetrical and proportionate.  Cutters use specific percentages to determine the most appealing proportions for the diamond.  Round diamond jewelry from today's retail jewelers will most likely be set with Round Brillant diamonds. 

Round Brillant cut plotting diagram. 

A Round Brillant cut diamond. 

Walton's Jewelry example: 3.50 carat Round Brillant diamond set in an Art Deco style diamond detail mounting. 

There you have it! The basic progression of the round diamond.  To see more examples and to learn more, come by Walton's; we'd be happy to show you a round!