Gunnar and Lensey

Gunnar and Lensey

Love has a mysterious way of finding its path, often in the most unexpected of circumstances. Such was the case for Gunnar and Lensey, whose lives intersected in their hometown of Lewisburg, Tennessee. What started as a chance meeting during a minor car accident would soon blossom into a meaningful connection.

In 2021, Lensey's life took an unexpected turn when she was involved in a minor car accident. Gunnar, a police officer and resident of their shared hometown, Lewisburg, TN, was the one who came to her aid. In that fleeting moment, fate stepped in, intertwining their lives and sparking an undeniable connection.


As the weeks turned into months, Gunnar and Lensey's bond grew stronger. However, there was one particular secret they had to keep hidden from Lensey: Gunnar's intention to surprise her with a stunning diamond ring. As a member of our team, Lensey often found herself surrounded by our collection of diamond engagement rings, making it challenging for Gunnar to make the purchase and coordinate the surprise proposal.

Understanding the significance of this special moment, Gunnar reached out to us, seeking our assistance in finding the perfect ring that Lensey had her heart set on. It then became a delicate dance of secrecy as we worked closely with Gunnar to ensure the ring remained a surprise!

Finally, the moment arrived. Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, a place that held a special significance for Gunnar and Lensey, became the stage for their proposal story. In the months that followed, they captured their love through engagement photos taken in our Historic Downtown Franklin.


Photographer: Tori Wiser Photography