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Our store began over forty years ago by Melba Walton, an entrepreneur who had a sincere passion for antique jewelry.  Today, Walton's Antique and Estate Jewelry has become a staple to the downtown Franklin community. Specializing in pre-1940's antique and estate pieces, Walton's maintains the foundation on which Melba created the store;  a place where all are welcome to share in the love and admiration for pieces of one of a kind jewelry.


We are open Tuesday through Saturday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Come on in and discover, or rekindle, your passion for antique jewelry! 



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Colm and Caitriona

Congratulations to Colm and Caitriona! Colm inherited a beautiful diamond ring from his family to give to his girlfriend, Caitriona. He came to Walton’s to have us do a couple repairs and to size the ring to fit her just right! You must take a moment to read their engagement story as told by Colm:

“She said yes and I feel so blessed right now, truly blessed. 

I flew home for our first Valentines together and also a plan to propose but as life would have it we both took the same gastro stomach bug which has apparently been going around...it was nasty... we spent Valentines taking turns running to the bathroom where it seems our bodies were intent on ridding themselves of all bodily fluids from every which direction possible (not pretty) but we both laughed that night and looked at each other saying “no one I’d rather be this sick with”, “plus doesn’t get any worse or less pretty than this” lol... I actually think it’s a cool funny first Valentines story now. 

My plans dashed to propose on St Valentines Day I now surrendered it to God unsure of how to ask in a way that felt fitting of us both that felt beautiful, authentic and intimate. Today in my hometown of Omagh we went for a drive into the country side and I took Caitriona to visit the old ‘Mass Rock’ in the mountains by where I grew up. Nobody knows this but it’s a private place I would often go on my own to pray. Back in penal times of Ireland’s history people would have to celebrate Mass at these sacred hidden locations here they would celebrate the sacraments at risk of being caught and killed for their faith, I’ve always felt a pride and spiritual connection up there thinking of ancestors past and their dedication to the faith risking their very lives to worship God and participate in the sacraments including marriage. Standing there with Caitriona and explaining its history I became overwhelmed with love and there at the foot of the massive life size wooden crucifix I got down on one knee and asked Caitriona to marry me surrounded by the beautiful Irish mountains and quite a few sheep lol.. no seriously they where everywhere watching on! 

It was so beautiful and we both laughed and we both cried tears of joy and thanksgiving... she said yes!

The Holy Spirit guided me and answered my prayer and it was perfect, a memory we’ll never forget. She said yes and I feel so blessed.”

We are incredibly happy for you both and are honored to be a part of your love story!


Patrick and Alyson

You must take a moment to read Patrick and Alyson's engagement story! In Patrick's words, "the night was far more ridiculous and hilarious than I can put into words, but it was fitting for her and I!" Congratulations, you two! We love your proposal and are honored you chose us to be a part of your love story! 

"I convinced Alyson to go ice skating with me on the eve of our anniversary, like we did for our first date. I said, “let’s make it a tradition,” she loved the idea of repeating something so special. That’s when I hatched the plan to propose.

When our anniversary date finally came, at the end of a long week, we were both tired, and she could sense some sort of tension from me. After two failed restaurant attempts, being asked if we could just go back to my apartment and relax, to which I replied with a stern NO, followed by her telling me “you’re stressing me out,” we finally made it to the ice rink.

After a few minutes of skating I began to tell her all of the ways I love her and how much she means to me. When she noticed a small tear in my eye she asked if I was “alright?” To which I replied, “Yes! But I have something I want to ask you.” It was in this moment she realized what was happening and she began to beam and blush in the most amazing way. Gripping my jacket she asked, “Are you seriously going to do this here?!” Meaning in front of so many people, to which I replied, “of course!” And to the screams and awes of teenage girls, mostly, I asked the woman of my dreams to marry me!"


Jordan and Brittany

The history, sentiment and story behind an engagement ring is something that we always treasure.  Jordan inherited a gorgeous emerald cut diamond ring from his family, but wanted to make a few slight adjustments to make it perfect for his bride to be, Brittany.  We were able to assist Jordan and are thrilled to share that she said yes! Congratulations you two! A beautiful ring for a beautiful couple! 

"We spent the day driving around to spots that were special moments for us. Then, closer to sunset, we drove up to this beautiful spot in Land Between the Lakes that we both love. I got down on my knee, proposed, and she said yes! I want to express my gratitude again to the Walton's Team for restoring my great-grandmother's ring. It's absolutely perfect for my fiancée!"


Larry and Gwen

"I want to marry you so I can date you for the rest of your life." Those are the words Larry spoke to Gwen right before he got down on one knee.  It has been an honor being part of this beautiful love story.  We wish Larry and Gwen much happiness and many wonderful dates in their future together as husband and wife! 


Nathan and Kay

Congratulations to Nathan and Kay! The happy couple recently went on an Alaskan adventure, where Kay received the surprise of a lifetime! We wish you both much happiness in your future together and many, many more adventures to come!

"Much to my surprise, Nathan proposed on a trip we recently took to Alaska. We have dated eight years, so I was somewhat anticipating an engagement. He is such a planner and farm boy that I was sure he would propose on his farm. I was in complete shock when he dropped to one knee spontaneously on vacation. I booked our reservations at Tonglen Lake Lodge which is located right outside of Denali National Park. We arrived at sunset to a beautiful lodge that sits on Tonglen Lake surrounded by towering snow-capped mountains of the Alaska Range. Nathan walked to the end of the dock, and I snapped a few pictures with the breathtaking view behind him. He then walked toward me, dropping to one knee, asking me to be his wife. When he opened his hand, I saw the most beautiful Art Deco Old European cut diamond antique ring."


John and Erin

Congratulations to John and Erin! John proposed with a gorgeous ring he inherited from his family, adding a sentimental touch to their sweet beginning.  Before he popped the question, we were able to assist John in sizing the ring to fit Erin perfectly, as well as provide an appraisal for this beautiful piece.  We wish you two much happiness in your future as Mr. and Mrs.!

Randy and Jamison

Congratulations to Randy and Jamison! It's wonderful people, like these two, that make what we do so much fun! Thank you both for the kind words and for sharing your gorgeous engagement photos with us! We can't wait to see wedding photos come September! 

"I have always known that I would get my ring from Walton's. My mom looked there for her ring and still to this day talks about the most beautiful diamond she found there and my Mom's sister married a Walton. When I met Randy, I realized that his best friends were Jack and Chloe Walton. When it came time for us to get engaged, we only looked one place. We were both awkward and nervous, but everyone made us feel at ease. We only looked once together and the rest was left in Randy's hands with the help of the amazing staff at Walton's. When he proposed, my ring was everything that I had ever wanted and more. We can't wait to get married in September."

Photography by: John Bamber Photography

Ben and Leanne

Holy Moly! We are in awe of this breathtaking Norway cliff side proposal! She may have had to work to for the ring (after a long hike!), but we think it was well worth it! Congratulations to Ben and Leanne!

"The hike was an epic ending to a 10 day adventure vacation through multiple scenic spots in Norway. The ledge that we're standing on is referred to as Trolltunga, (the troll's tongue). The hike is 13.7 miles round trip, very strenuous but truly breathtaking. We hiked through mud, streams, snow, steep and slippery rocks, up and down, again and again to reach this spot. Ben had shared his intentions with my mother who was on the trip with us, and I think that gave her the extra bit of motivation and encouragement to make it to the top as well! Since my mom was with us, she was able to take shots for us while we were on the ledge and captured this incredibly special moment. As a humorous side note, when Ben first dropped to his knee he struggled for several seconds to get the ring out of his pocket... It was sort of stuck but the last thing he wanted to do was pull too aggressively and fling the ring right off the mountain! Lol. He did eventually get the ring safely from his pocket and ask me to be his wife to which I of course replied, YES!!!!"

Justin and Rhiannon

Congratulations to Rhiannon and Justin! We absolutely love hearing our couple's proposal stories, especially when we get to see the sheer excitement and surprise on their faces! Read the sweet proposal story, from Rhiannon, below:

"Justin did an amazing job keeping his big plans a secret for two months! The day of my pharmacy school graduation I was completely in the dark heading to what started out as a celebration for finally finishing school. Even though it was a warm day in May, Justin got dressed in navy khakis saying It’s fine I want to wear this today, shocking to me the man who always wants to have on basketball shorts, but I remained oblivious. The party went on as scheduled and when my dad went to make a toast he surprisingly handed it over to Justin to thank the crowd for celebrating with us. He is not a big talker, so for a split second I thought maybe something big is about to happen. He thanked our friends and family, told me how proud he was (here I thought of maybe), but when he turned and gave an early happy mothers day to all the moms and raised his glass I said to myself whip that weird face off! As he cheered, he calms everyone down and says wait there’s one more thing I need to do. He walked over and reached in that back pocket and before I knew it was down one knee! He kept asking me if I was ok because I was apparently bawling :) I finally calmed down enough to even see that beautiful Walton’s box and the perfect ring!"

Will and Meghan

Congratulations to Will and Meghan! She has shared her beautiful photos with us, from engagement to wedding day! Her stunning Art Deco engagement ring, bracelet and earrings are all from Walton's, pieces that she will treasure for years to come! We'd like to wish them a very happy first anniversary (July 19th!) and many, many more happy anniversaries together!

Jonathan and Amanda

Congratulations to Amanda and Jonathan! Jonathan surprised Amanda with a beautiful beach proposal and we couldn't be more excited for them! Amanda wrote these sweet words about Walton's. This is what it means to us to be in this business, we are truly touched!

"Ever since Jonathan and I started talking about marriage, Walton's has always been a part of the conversation. I couldn't imagine having my engagement ring from anywhere else. My dad has been best friends with Michael Walton his entire life and we have always considered him and his family our family. My step-mother and my sister-in-law both have rings from Walton's and now I do. I can't wait to put our picture on the wall! Thank you Mike, Julie Walton and the rest of the staff at Walton's!"

Brandon and Jocelyn

Congratulations to Brandon and Jocelyn! We couldn't resist sharing their entire story (as told by Jocelyn), one that is sure to make you smile! (We may have gotten a little teary eyed, too!) Read about their perfect engagement below!

"October marked our 2 year dating anniversary, and even though we had started talking about getting married, I had no idea what kind of ring I would want. *Honestly, the man could have tied a piece of clover on my hand, and I would have said yes, but SHHHHH! I followed Walton's on Instagram (who doesn't???), and when I saw post of the Art Deco ring attached, I don't think I breathed for several minutes… it was the most beautiful combination of metal and stone I had ever seen! Can a ring speak to you? Because this one was screaming my name… And the sapphires just sealed the deal because I am obsessed, OBSESSED with the color blue! I showed it to Brandon saying that "IF" I were to get a ring "IF" he were ever to consider proposing that THIS was what I liked… or something like it, because I just knew it wouldn't last long, and I didn't expect him to go track down another 1920's masterpiece if it didn't. He smiled and said he would keep it in mind, and that's really where we left it…

For my birthday in January he gave me a gorgeous old watch chain necklace from Walton's. While I was "ooooing" and "ahhhing" over that, he casually mentioned that he had looked for the ring with the blue that I liked, and it had already been sold. My heart sank a little just knowing that it now belonged to someone else, whoever that luck dog might be… and for the months following I still broke out my phone to stare at and show friends the Instagram picture of "the ring that got away." But I had KNOWN it wouldn't last, and so I resolved to move on and be happy for whoever that ring got to live with next.

March 29th was a beautiful, sunny day, so when Brandon casually asked if I wanted to take our two horses to Percy Warner Park for a trail ride, I thought nothing special of it. We love to trail ride together as often as possible, so we loaded up and set off cheerfully… until Brandon refused to stop for coffee for me and I then pouted the rest of the way to the park… I shaped up as we were tacking up, THANK GOODNESS! 
Anyway, to wrap it up, we actually didn't get to do much of a ride, because as we got up to the field by the steeplechase boxes, Brandon hopped off of his horse, handed me the reins, and busted out a box that held THE RING! MY RING! AND THEN I said YES! And I cried! Our photographer friend, Dustin Plumber, popped out of the woods and started snapping away! The horses somehow didn't freak out and RUN away! The whole event was blessed. From there we went back to my grandparent's house in Brentwood to celebrate with family and friends.

Philip and Laura Beth

Congratulations to Philip and Laura Beth! Philip Peters and Laura Beth Stubblefield are living out a love story with miraculous twists and turns throughout the last 9 years. Their friendship turned romantic less than 9 months ago and Philip's journey in dating Laura Beth includes a supernatural appearance of an empty ring box that appeared in his luggage after a return flight from Haiti!! Here's the ring he filled the empty box with, a 1920's stunner from Walton's!

We wish you both a life of many happy and loving adventures together as husband and wife!