Victorian 14K Yellow Gold Micro Mosaic Brooch


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Victorian 14K yellow gold mosaic brooch. A stunning piece of craftsmanship that could easily be mistaken for a painting at first glance, this brooch dates from the mid 1800's when micro mosaics were sold to visitors on “The Grand Tour” in Italy, an era in the 19th century in which aristocrats would take an extended trip around Europe, particularly France and Italy, to see the cultural and historical sites. Lasting months to even years, they often wanted souvenirs from their trips, making micro mosaic jewels of sites and scenes the perfect keepsake. An extremely laborious and painstaking art form, micro mosaics were made of heated glass that was pulled into small strands and cut into tiny pieces called tesserae. Metal oxides were then added to the glass to achieve color. The tesserae were then placed and glued to form an image which was then enclosed by a surround of stone or glass and then placed in a frame. Measuring just over 1" long, this expertly crafted micro mosaic brooch features a Roman ruin so finely detailed you can easily make out every arch!

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