Christopher and Caitlin

Christopher and Caitlin

Love has a beautiful way of weaving unexpected paths. For Christopher and Caitlin, their journey began at Indiana University, where they both embarked on the pursuit of an MBA. Little did they know that their educational endeavors would lead them to each other!

After tossing their graduation caps in the air, Caitlin and Christopher decided to start a new chapter in Nashville, Tennessee. As they delved into their careers and settled into their new lives, there was a significant step they were eagerly planning – an engagement.

Their hearts were set on antique diamonds and their search for such rare gems proved to be a journey in itself. After not having much luck, serendipity awaited them in the form of Walton's Jewelry where they were introduced to Claire who guided them in their search for the perfect Old Mine cut diamond. 

As the final piece of their puzzle was created, Christopher planned a beautiful proposal against the backdrop of the Tennessee State Capital. The two tied the knot this year and embarked on a new phase of their lives. Their love story, a tapestry woven with threads of fate and the magic of Walton's, serves as a reminder that true love is timeless and enduring.

Photographer: Kristen Knox