Caring for Your Heirloom
How to Care for Your Jewelry

Now that you're the proud owner of a gorgeous piece of jewelry, it's important to understand the best method for maintaining its beauty for generations to come.

We offer and encourage frequent complimentary inspection and cleaning for the life of your jewelry. In the event that a repair needs to be made, we can take care of that, too! Below are some helpful tips to ensure your jewelry stays in the best possible condition for another lifetime of wear.

3 Places to Never Wear Your Jewelry

To the Gym

Platinum and gold are malleable and brittle metals and, over time, will bend and/or break when lifting or holding a heavy object. Although durable, a diamond can still be chipped. This rule can be applied to all manual tasks, not just the gym!

In the Shower

Soap and cleaners can build up under your stones and make them appear cloudy. It's best to avoid contact with chemicals when at all possible (like in the pool and spa).

While Sleeping

A prong can catch on the sheets and bend, causing you to lose a stone. Remove your jewelry before your nightly routine, and keep them safe and sound on your vanity or nightstand.


Walton's always offers complimentary cleaning and inspection of your jewelry. Stop by our showroom any time during open hours or book an appointment.

We also offer a range of jewelry cleaning products to keep your jewels looking their best at home and on the go! The Walton's Jewelry Cleaning Collection includes everything you need to break down the daily buildup - say goodbye to the lotion, body oils, and other gunk that gets in the way of your sparkle and shine! Shop the collection below:

Helpful Tips
Cleaning Your Ring at Home

• Diamonds and most colored gemstones can be cleaned using warm water and mild soap. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to lightly scrub away any built-up residue.

• Be sure to rinse your jewelry in a bowl of clean water to remove cleaning solutions, since you risk losing stones or whole pieces of jewelry down the sink!

• Soft gemstones, like pearls and opals, can easily scratch. A soft, link free cloth is best to use in place of soaps and brushes.

• When you're not wearing your jewelry, store it in a clean, dry, room temperature, safe place. Avoid tossing it in a drawer where the gems could get scratched or damaged.

• Have your jewelry professionally cleaned and checked as often as you'd like, but we recommend every 4-6 months.