Sapphires - Beyond the Blue
It’s easy to see why sapphires have remained a top choice for centuries among royalty, engaged couples, and those with September birthdays alike. And that’s especially true when you’re looking “beyond the blue” at the truly spectacular array of colors...
Ready to Quiz Your Colored Gemstone Knowledge?
With diamonds soaking up much of the spotlight in the jewelry world, colored gemstone collectors are often left with many questions (and few experts to ask!) At Walton’s, we aim to change that as our entire team is composed of...
The Hidden History of Spinel
One of history's favorite gems is also one of its least recognized  — and not just because of its relatively recent distinction... Spinel has gained new acclaim since becoming an official birthstone for the month of August in 2016, but...
Victorian Era Engagement Traditions 💌
Where the bride’s birthstone and golden love tokens are just the beginning…
How to Choose the Right Antique Earrings
Don’t let unfamiliar earring backs or unanswered questions stand in the way of style.
Journey of a New Arrival
One of the many delights of acquiring new-to-you antique jewelry is dreaming up what kind of history the piece might hold. Who made it, who wore it, and who cared for it all these decades (or even centuries) later? While...
The Ultimate Summer Jewelry Care Guide
As temperatures climb, so do the number of jewelry repairs and cleanings in the summer months! Summer fun often means harsh weather elements and increased activity outdoors which can easily damage your jewelry. From kayaking to hiking, there are dozens...
A Look Inside Maw Maw's Jewelry Box
Timeless jewelry style throughout the generations at Walton's. Honoring the trailblazing spirit of Melba Walton and celebrating motherhood.
Emeralds: The Perfectly Imperfect Gem
Why this springtime green is anything but your “garden variety” stone. Click through to see our collection!
How to Style Bridal Jewelry
Say "I do" to timeless jewelry on your wedding day and discover the perfect pieces to complete your bridal look.
Antique Diamond History Quiz
Test your Jewelry Genius! Discover the beauty and history of antique diamonds, from the popular old European cut to the romantic rose cut. Learn about the different types of antique diamond cuts and their unique characteristics, and explore the fascinating history behind these timeless treasures.
Must-haves for March birthdays!
Aquamarine brings new meaning to “the birthday blues”!
The Secret to Selecting the Right Jewelry Every Time
Here’s how to get more of what you want at Walton’s from our exquisite service to our extensive collection.
Inside History's Most Amazing Amethyst Mine

How the discovery of the world's most abundant amethyst mine changed jewelry forever.

Curious About Jewelry Restoration & Redesign?

Give your inherited heirlooms a second life as your new favorite pieces.

The Many Gorgeous Colors of Garnet

It’s not just about the classic red, there’s a whole rainbow of colors to see!

An Inside Look at Antique Lockets

Discover the untold histories hidden inside these timeless love tokens.

Winter Blue Hues for December
Shimmering snowflakes and dark skies dotted with stars are just a few of the ways December likes to show her blues. With three brilliant choices, December birthstones represent some of the oldest, newest, and rarest gems in the world making...
Staff Picks: Colors of Autumn 🍂🍁

These eye-catching bursts of bold color are perfect for the season for so many reasons.

Opals and the Good News About "Bad Luck" 😉
Forget superstitions, the colorful opulence of opals can be enjoyed by everyone!
Centuries of Sparkle: Old Mine Cut vs. Old European Cut Diamonds
An in-depth look at two dazzling precursors to our modern-day round brilliant cut diamonds!

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