February's Birthstone


Celebrate their birthday with a dazzling amethyst. Amethyst has captivated mankind for millennia. Used among the British Crown Jewels for ages, fine amethyst was often held for many years in the same regard as the diamond.

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Birthstone Jewelry by Month

Birthstones are one of the most popular gifts to celebrate the birthday of a loved one or the date of a special event. To celebrate the variety of colors and significant meaning behind each gemstone, we want to share a little history about the ancient tradition of birthstones. 

That’s right, ancient.

By many historical accounts, the practice of wearing certain stones during a particular month dates back to biblical times when it was believed that certain stones brought luck and protection to the wearer. 

Up Next: March's Birthstones

Though today Aquamarine is most often thought of as March’s birthstone, in ancient times it was often called “mermaid’s treasure” and prized above all others by sailors! Named for its resemblance to seawater, it was a must-have for Roman and Greek adventurers who believed the stone would keep them safe at sea!


Most Popular Birthstone: The Sapphire

With their timeless sophistication and endless versatility, it's clear to see why sapphires are so much more than "just" September's birthstone. Shop our rare and exquisite sapphire rings, pendants, earrings, and more.


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