Adam and Amy

Adam and Amy

Adam and Amy made a connection on a dating app and sparked a conversation that would continue for years to come. Shortly after they began online messaging, they decided to meet in person, and it was quickly realized that they had each found "their person". Their shared passions for travel, discovering new restaurants, and spending quality time with their children only deepened their relationship.

While searching for the perfect engagement ring, Amy recalls, "I saw the ring online and showed it to Adam. He loved it as much as I did. This would both be of our second marriage, so I knew I wanted something unique and a little untraditional." Amy's choice of a captivating sunstone and diamond ring perfectly mirrored their unique love story.

After seven blissful months together, Adam and Amy planned a romantic trip to Summerland, California. They stayed in a picturesque home with breathtaking ocean views. One morning, as they sipped their coffee on the deck, Adam proposed to Amy, and she said yes.

Their wedding, a beautiful nighttime ceremony, took place in the heart of Columbia, Tennessee this past summer. It was an intimate celebration brimming with love and laughter, followed by a dinner that honored their extraordinary love.

"Walton's was a dream! I get so many compliments on my ring and tell everyone we got it from Walton's!" 💖

Photographer: Malone Vivian Photography