Andrew and Charlotte

Andrew and Charlotte

Congratulations to Andrew and Charlotte! We have loved getting to know these two and are honored to be a part of their love story! Read their sweet proposal as told by Charlotte 💍💕:

“Andrew’s proposal was awesome! And it was a complete surprise.

I was pretty sure he was going to propose, but didn’t know how or when. In fact, I had gotten a little frustrated with him that morning because I didn’t feel like we were “progressing”. All the time, Andrew was smiling inside because he had been working on his plan for a while and knew it was unfolding in a few hours.

He coordinated getting about 25 friends and family from West Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama to be there with us. I went to see Grease at The Factory with a friend of mine. Her husband and Andrew met our family and friends at Mafiaozas and got everything set up. He had some video cameras set up and had people lined up to take pictures.

After the show we walked over from The Factory as everyone was hiding on the deck.

He stopped me on the sidewalk and told me how much he loved me and how he didn’t want to spend another day without me. He then dropped to his knee and pulled out the ring and asked if I would marry him! I shrieked with excitement and of course said, “YES!”

His brother had hid behind a tree with a video camera and captured my expression and response.

I was completely shocked when he asked. Then right after we kissed, all of our friends and family cheered loudly from the deck – which was also complete surprise.

The ring is incredible and exactly what I wanted. Julie was great to work with and so helpful. Mafiaozas was awesome. We spent a couple of hours there celebrating and eating on their outside deck.

I’ve never been married before and Andrew’s proposal was beyond my wildest dreams. I can’t wait to be his wife and have him as my husband.”