Brandon and Jocelyn

Brandon and Jocelyn

Congratulations to Brandon and Jocelyn! We couldn't resist sharing their entire story (as told by Jocelyn), one that is sure to make you smile! (We may have gotten a little teary eyed, too!) Read about their perfect engagement below!

"October marked our 2 year dating anniversary, and even though we had started talking about getting married, I had no idea what kind of ring I would want. *Honestly, the man could have tied a piece of clover on my hand, and I would have said yes, but SHHHHH! I followed Walton's on Instagram (who doesn't???), and when I saw post of the Art Deco ring attached, I don't think I breathed for several minutes… it was the most beautiful combination of metal and stone I had ever seen! Can a ring speak to you? Because this one was screaming my name… And the sapphires just sealed the deal because I am obsessed, OBSESSED with the color blue! I showed it to Brandon saying that "IF" I were to get a ring "IF" he were ever to consider proposing that THIS was what I liked… or something like it, because I just knew it wouldn't last long, and I didn't expect him to go track down another 1920's masterpiece if it didn't. He smiled and said he would keep it in mind, and that's really where we left it…

For my birthday in January he gave me a gorgeous old watch chain necklace from Walton's. While I was "ooooing" and "ahhhing" over that, he casually mentioned that he had looked for the ring with the blue that I liked, and it had already been sold. My heart sank a little just knowing that it now belonged to someone else, whoever that luck dog might be… and for the months following I still broke out my phone to stare at and show friends the Instagram picture of "the ring that got away." But I had KNOWN it wouldn't last, and so I resolved to move on and be happy for whoever that ring got to live with next.

March 29th was a beautiful, sunny day, so when Brandon casually asked if I wanted to take our two horses to Percy Warner Park for a trail ride, I thought nothing special of it. We love to trail ride together as often as possible, so we loaded up and set off cheerfully… until Brandon refused to stop for coffee for me and I then pouted the rest of the way to the park… I shaped up as we were tacking up, THANK GOODNESS! 

Anyway, to wrap it up, we actually didn't get to do much of a ride, because as we got up to the field by the steeplechase boxes, Brandon hopped off of his horse, handed me the reins, and busted out a box that held THE RING! MY RING! AND THEN I said YES! And I cried! Our photographer friend, Dustin Plumber, popped out of the woods and started snapping away! The horses somehow didn't freak out and RUN away! The whole event was blessed. From there we went back to my grandparent's house in Brentwood to celebrate with family and friends.