Colm and Caitriona

Colm and Caitriona

Congratulations to Colm and Caitriona! Colm inherited a beautiful diamond ring from his family to give to his girlfriend, Caitriona. He came to Walton’s to have us do a couple of repairs and to size the ring to fit her just right!

You must take a moment to read their engagement story as told by Colm:

“She said yes and I feel so blessed right now, truly blessed. 

I flew home for our first Valentines together and also a plan to propose but as life would have it we both took the same gastro stomach bug which has apparently been going was nasty... we spent Valentines taking turns running to the bathroom where it seems our bodies were intent on ridding themselves of all bodily fluids from every which direction possible (not pretty) but we both laughed that night and looked at each other saying “no one I’d rather be this sick with”, “plus doesn’t get any worse or less pretty than this” lol... I actually think it’s a cool funny first Valentine’s story now. 

My plans dashed to propose on St Valentines Day I now surrendered it to God unsure of how to ask in a way that felt fitting of us both that felt beautiful, authentic, and intimate. Today in my hometown of Omagh we went for a drive into the countryside and I took Caitriona to visit the old ‘Mass Rock’ in the mountains by where I grew up. Nobody knows this but it’s a private place I would often go on my own to pray. Back in penal times of Ireland’s history people would have to celebrate Mass at these sacred hidden locations where they would celebrate the sacraments at risk of being caught and killed for their faith, I’ve always felt a pride and spiritual connection up there thinking of ancestors past and their dedication to the faith risking their very lives to worship God and participate in the sacraments including marriage. Standing there with Caitriona and explaining its history I became overwhelmed with love and there at the foot of the massive life-size wooden crucifix I got down on one knee and asked Caitriona to marry me surrounded by the beautiful Irish mountains and quite a few sheep lol.. no seriously they where everywhere watching on! 

It was so beautiful and we both laughed and we both cried tears of joy and thanksgiving... she said yes!

The Holy Spirit guided me and answered my prayer and it was perfect, a memory we’ll never forget. She said yes and I feel so blessed.”

We are incredibly happy for you both and are honored to be a part of your love story!