Gabe and Leah

Gabe and Leah

We are thrilled to share this love story with you! Gabe is one of our own, having worked at Walton’s for a couple of years. If you had the chance to meet him when he was here, you would agree that he is one of the kindest, most laid back, and funny guys around! (And his niece is Addie, our newest member of our Walton’s team!) Read on to hear the love story of Gabe and Leah…

One year ago Leah and I met at a friend’s wedding in Nashville. She was the third person that I talked to at the wedding and we hit it off immediately. We ended up dancing the night away and the next day I gave her a ride to the airport.

On the way, we stopped at a park. I told her that I wanted to pursue her. She said “ok”. From there, it was on! I ended up moving to Colorado and pursuing our relationship as our love blossomed. One year later we found ourselves in Nashville again, visiting the fam. On the way to the airport, I took her to the same park and told her “I want to pursue you.. into marriage.” She asked, “Are you proposing to me?” I said, “No, because I don’t have a ring, but I think we should get married.” She said, “I think we should get married too”. Then she added, “..and I think we should get married soon”. It was on, again!

I dropped her off at the airport and the next day my nieces and sister and I formed The Fellowship of the Ring and went down to Walton’s (where I used to work) and did a remote ring viewing session with Leah. We narrowed it down to a few favorite rings and then Leah zeroed in on one! It was a beautiful Art Deco old European cut ring. Aaaand it was her size, 3.5! When I used to work at Walton’s, I imagined that one day I would get a ring there. I imagined that I would want it to be an Art Deco ring and over a carat. This ring was it!

Walton’s is family and we’re so grateful for their help with this! We ended up having a chill proposal in her apartment after a long day of work. It was perfect in its love-filled simplicity. Leah loves the ring! She gets LOTS of compliments!

We’re having a 5-week engagement and then we’re getting married on July 12th. It was amazing how God re-shifted the landscape of our lives and brought us to each other. Nothing is impossible! We’re so grateful to Walton’s for their help and for being a part of this special season in our lives!!