Hank and Amanda

Congratulations to Hank and Amanda! We have loved getting to know these two during their search for the perfect ring! Amanda spent 10 years in the jewelry industry, which makes us feel even more honored that she and Hank chose Walton’s for such a momentous occasion.

“We met our Freshman year of high school in Physical Science class. We were both 14 years old. We were really close but Hank was too scared to ask me out. After graduation, Hank went into the Marine Corps & served for 8 years. Our lives took us both in different directions for a while but I believe we were always meant to cross paths again which we did in 2015 and we have been together ever since. It seems like we are magnets just drawn to each other!
When we decided to tie the knot I knew I wanted my ring to come from Walton's. My ideal perfect ring was always an old European cut I wanted to preserve a little piece of history and what better way to do that than with a century-old diamond! I'm happy to add decades more love and care to my beautiful ring!
We are getting married in late October of this year and we couldn't be happier!!! Thank you Walton's.”