Tim and Faith

Tim and Faith

We love love! And we love to hear all about the special moments you share with your loved ones! Faith received an extra special Christmas gift from Tim - read on to hear how the magic all happened!

“Here’s how it happened... Tim and I were so excited to go to the Downtown Franklin Christmas tree lighting!🎄Afterward, we walked downtown to see the lights and feel the electric energy and magic of Christmas!
We heard carolers singing outside of the shops and we saw it “snowing” outside of Walton’s Antique Jewelry store!
We decided to go inside. Everyone that really knows me... knows I LOVE Walton’s! I LOVE everything about them and their store and besides that Julie went to preschool with my son!!

Inside the crowded store, we slowly made our way around to the showcases filled with beautiful diamond rings.
Meghan, our young saleswoman, asked us what we were looking for, we said, “We don’t know! I guess I love you rings. We’re just making this up as we go along.”

She said, “Oh, I love that,” and she helped us narrow our selections down to 4!

We passed the musicians that were playing in the corner as we stepped back outside into the crowd.

We had only taken a few steps when Tim locked his arm in mine. Right there in the middle of the blocked-off street... in front of the Franklin Theatre with fake snow flurries flying by... the church bells began to ring! We shared a kiss and declared we had just had another MAGIC moment together!

The surprise came on Christmas Day. Tim gave me the one I loved the most! He knows I always prefer simple elegance. It’s perfect for me! ❤️”