Meet the Women of Walton's

Meet the Women of Walton's

Celebrating International Women’s Day with a look back at our history. 

In 1975, it was a different world for women… 

They couldn’t enroll at Harvard, become an astronaut, or in some cases even serve on a jury with men. 

But 1975 was the first year that The United Nations began celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8th to recognize the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. 

This International Women’s Day (and every day) we’re proud to be a woman-founded and woman-run business. 

Over 45 years ago, Melba Walton beat all the odds to go from selling jewelry off the hood of her car at flea markets to opening a couple of storefronts in historic Downtown Franklin.
This was before the days when women could open a line of credit without their husband’s permission. 

But, armed with Paw Paw’s blessing, she set out to realize her dreams. 

(She also went out and opened up a swimwear and lingerie shop right next door, but that’s a story for a different day…)

Melba was a trailblazer building a legacy that would live on in her family for three generations and counting.

As a little girl, Julie didn’t fully understand what Melba’s shop meant to their changing world and the town of Franklin—but she loved to look at the dazzling jewels, tinker with the instruments, and spend time with her Maw Maw.

Decades later, when Julie was ready for a career change, she decided to give the family business a try.

And as luck would have it, Melba’s sparkling personality and tenacity for entrepreneurship were passed down to Julie, where that sense of a warm welcome continues to this day. 

It’s the same storefront, same family, same outstanding quality, same amazing service, and same hope for the future—only now with Julie leading the way, we’ve finally moved past handwritten receipts and found our way online! 

But Julie would be the first to tell you that she couldn’t have done it without her incredible team of women…

Our incredible sales and social media team including Katie, Claire, Pam, Meghan, and Mary; our expert repair specialist Miller; and our newest intern and model Addi.

Together, we’re committed to providing the best education and service to go along with our carefully vetted and authenticated jewelry that can’t be found anywhere else.