Antique Sparkle: Old Mine Cut and Old European Cut Diamonds

Antique Sparkle: Old Mine Cut and Old European Cut Diamonds

Antique Sparkle

For centuries, diamonds have been among the most coveted treasures of royalty and aristocrats. But it wasn't until large deposits of diamonds were found in South Africa in the late 1800s that diamonds became accessible to the wealthy masses and growing middle class.

 Advances in stone cutting led to slightly cushion-shaped Old Mine cut and Old European cut diamonds — both predecessors of modern round brilliant cut diamonds.

It wasn't just advances in stone cutting that gave antique diamonds their distinctive sparkle. The introduction of the six-prong Tiffany setting in 1886 popularized the diamond engagement ring.

This led to an increase in popularity of the solitaire diamond ring, which replaced simple gold bands as the go-to choice for engagement and betrothal rings during the Victorian era.

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