Get a Victorian Look This Valentine's Day

Get a Victorian Look This Valentine's Day

While the first Valentine’s Day celebrations date all the way back to The Roman Empire, it wasn’t until the Victorians came along that it took on the romantic touch it’s recognized for today.

Just one glimpse at a greeting card from the Victorian Era reveals a dazzling display of sentimental and symbolic motifs – not to mention eye-catching colorways – that have shaped our visual references for Valentine’s Day for decades.

1. Flirty Florals

Victorian 14k Yellow Gold Turquoise and Seed Pearl Brooch

Using “the language of flowers” (or floriography as it's more technically known) was popular among Victorians who wanted to convey coded messages using blooms that were assigned specific meanings such as love, devotion, and purity.

2.  Color Codes

Victorian 14k Yellow Gold Opal and Moonstone Ring 

Much like their practice of floriography, the Victorians loved to send secret messages with color codes. Red suggests romance while pink offers sentiments of happiness and colors like white and gold reflect purity and value respectively.

3.  Delicate Details

Victorian 14k Yellow Gold Pearl, Diamond, and Blue Enamel Bracelet

Victorians had a special fondness for romantic patterns, ribbons, and lace in their Valentine’s and in their jewelry – especially when paired with twinkling diamond accents and romantic flourishes.

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