Is Authentic Art Deco Jewelry Disappearing?

Is Authentic Art Deco Jewelry Disappearing?

With the turn of the century, Art Nouveau was on its way out (along with the flowing botanical-inspired designs the era was known for), and the bold geometric designs of Art Deco took center stage.

Thanks in large part to the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes held in Paris in 1925, Art Deco became the defining turn-of-the-century style.

Advances in stone cutting and metalsmithing techniques allowed for much innovation and the incorporation of clean lines, brightly colored gems, and platinum metal work.

Military rationing and buy back of precious metals like platinum at the onset of World War II led to authentic Art Deco jewelry production coming to a halt with many pieces being melted down at the time or simply damaged over decades.

Due to the rarity of Art Deco jewelry, buying pieces from a reputable jewelry retailer with decades of experience specializing in authentic antique sourcing is of utmost importance.

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