Popular Victorian Jewelry Celebrating Mothers

Popular Victorian Jewelry Celebrating Mothers


Dubbed “The Grandmother of Europe”, Queen Victoria was known to have a complicated relationship with motherhood despite being greatly celebrated for her parental role to nine little royals. 

Though Mother’s Day had yet to become a holiday, the late 1800s were a time when mothers were celebrated – especially in jewelry.

Acrostics and Symbols

One of the most unique aspects of Victorian era jewelry is its use of symbolic meaning. Acrostic jewelry made clever use of coded spelling with stones while crescents were often regarded as signs of fertility.


Lockets have long been considered the perfect place to store portraits, lockets of hair, and other itsy bitsy sentimental keepsakes close to the heart — plus, they look great when layered with other pieces!

"Push Presents"

Though the phrase "push present" wasn't part of her vocabulary, Queen Victoria may very well be the one to thank for popularizing the idea. She received a commemorative piece of jewelry after the birth of each of her children.

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