Sapphires - Beyond the Blue

Sapphires - Beyond the Blue

It’s easy to see why sapphires have remained a top choice for centuries among royalty, engaged couples, and those with September birthdays alike.

And that’s especially true when you’re looking “beyond the blue” at the truly spectacular array of colors that sapphires embody. From colorless sapphires that dazzle like diamonds to pinks and purples that’ll take your breath away, the only color sapphires don’t come in is red as those are technically classed as rubies despite being the same crystalline structure!

With an endless array of colors, a hardiness second only to diamonds, and an ancient belief that sapphires inspire fidelity in a marriage, this gorgeous gem is perfect as a center stone or accent stone for an engagement ring

While Queen Victoria was famously gifted a sapphire brooch by husband Prince Albert on their wedding day (and later that year, a sapphire coronet to match), perhaps the best-known sapphire engagement ring belonged to the late Princess Diana and was later given by her son, Prince William, to Princess Kate Middleton.  

The iconic faceted sapphire surrounded by a halo of glittering diamonds was a popular design for many decades made undeniably timeless by its spotlight in the royal family and can be seen in rings, pendants, earrings, and more. 

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