The Hidden History of Spinel

The Hidden History of Spinel

One of history's favorite gems is also one of its least recognized  — and not just because of its relatively recent distinction... Spinel has gained new acclaim since becoming an official birthstone for the month of August in 2016, but its allure was known far and wide going back many centuries to ancient Rome and China.

Though this true chameleon of a stone comes in a rainbow of colors, the world's most prized spinel specimens all have one thing in common: their ruby-red hue.

King George I's Crown of State (dated 1718) by Giuseppe Grisoni

From Obscurity to Majesty

Both the Black Prince's Ruby at the center of the British Imperial State Crown and the royal Timur Ruby are, in fact, brilliant examples of spinel that gained their fame before the stone was recognized as its own distinct gem in 1783.

While its "discovery" was one of gemology's earliest marvels, it continues to astound jewelry lovers with its large and vibrant crystals.

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