Winter Blue Hues for December

Winter Blue Hues for December

Shimmering snowflakes and dark skies dotted with stars are just a few of the ways December likes to show her blues.

With three brilliant choices, December birthstones represent some of the oldest, newest, and rarest gems in the world making them a popular choice for collectors regardless of when they were born!

Dating back to ancient Mesopotamia, turquoise has been one of the oldest gems used for jewelry – and has always been a favorite of royalty! Queen Victoria was well known for her love of turquoise and was often given pieces by her beloved husband and seen gifting pieces to the ladies of her royal court.

Zircon – which has no relation to cubic zirconia – is Earth’s oldest mineral and has been prized for centuries, especially throughout the Middle Ages when it was believed to offer the wearer all kinds of powers and protections. While its blue shade is the most popular, this gem comes in a rainbow of colors and often displays gorgeous “fire” when examining its facets. The Victorians were very fond of zircon, and in fact, many of the finest specimens come from 1800s English estates.

Among the rarest finds in our showroom is tanzanite, though not for the reasons you may think…  While it is true that tanzanite is a rare stone only mined in a select region of Tanzania, its recent discovery in 1967 means that very few fine vintage pieces make their way into Walton’s.

Whether you're a December baby or just want to add an extra pop of color to your collection this winter, or even collaborate on a custom design that captures an era of the past, you can enjoy complimentary shipping or book a private appointment with one of our experts.

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Julie and the Walton's Team