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Our Walton's Jewelry Cleaning Collection makes the perfect gift for the holidays! Keep your precious gemstones sparkling with our entire cleaning collection! The Walton's Jewelry Cleaning Collection includes everything you need to keep your jewelry looking its best: one Classic Cleaner, one Foam Cleaner, one Sparkle Pen, and one polishing cloth. Put the pen in your bag for when you're on the go and keep your gold and platinum looking fresh with our new polishing cloth.

All products are non-toxic, biodegradable jewelry cleaners that are safe for most of your gems, gold, silver, and platinum jewelry, even pearls, and your most delicate gems including opal, turquoise, and other soft or porous stones. Test first on jewelry that has dyed pearls or stones, as some of these treatments are not permanent. Avoid contact with amber.

Walton's Jewelry offers, and encourages, frequent complimentary inspection and cleaning for the life of your jewelry. In the event that a repair needs to be made, we can take care of that, too! Here are some helpful tips to extend the life of your heirloom jewelry:

  • 3 Places to Never Wear Your Jewelry: to the gym, in the shower, & while sleeping. Read more >
  • When you're not wearing your jewelry, store it in a clean, dry, room temperature, safe place. Avoid tossing it in a drawer where the gems could get scratched or damaged.
  • Have your jewelry professionally cleaned and checked as often as you'd like, but we recommend every 4-6 months.
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