Jon and Katherine

Congratulations to Jon and Katherine! The pair first met a few years ago while working at Hallmark Cards in Kansas City - Jon as a graphic designer and illustrator and Katherine as a creative writer.

They’ve been through a lot in their time together, from a job loss to the tragic loss of Jon’s mother last year, but their commitment to each other has only been strengthened. Jon purchased the most gorgeous Art Deco diamond ring and paired it with a beautiful diamond and sapphire band for Katherine. As she has said, “both pieces he bought me are so beautifully artistic, which, to me, symbolize our unique path and really all the detail and love he puts into our relationship each day. So not to get all Hallmark-Card-writer on you (haha!), but I just wanted to say thank you for being a part of this time in our lives.”

We could not be more excited for these two and wish them many, many more Hallmark moments together!