Antique Engagement Ring Tennessee

Mike and Amy

Mike and Amy’s love story is one that is extra special. They may have been in the same places throughout their lives, but their paths didn’t cross until just the right time.

“This is Mike and I’s first marriage; we are both in our 50’s with no kids. We went to Franklin High school and were even in the marching band together but didn’t know each other. We’ve been in the same weddings and have attended the same parties of friends, but never met. Last October we finally met online and fell in love. We got married on the Murphy Family Farm in Columbia, Tennessee on September 5th. We couldn’t have picked a better day and night; it was the perfect sunny day with a cool night and lots of stars. The guys wore kilts and the girls wore blush pink dresses that they had each picked out. After dinner, drinks, and dancing, Mike and I headed to St. George Island for our honeymoon. I always knew I wanted my ring to come from Walton’s!”

Cheers to the happy couple! We are thrilled you found each other and have chosen to celebrate with us!