Journey of a New Arrival

Journey of a New Arrival

One of the many delights of acquiring new-to-you antique jewelry is dreaming up what kind of history the piece might hold. Who made it, who wore it, and who cared for it all these decades (or even centuries) later?

While the precise answers to these questions often remain a playful mystery, we're peeling back the curtain on our process of buying exquisite antique jewelry and gemstones.

The Thrilling Pursuit of Antique Jewels

From invite-only jewelry shows across the U.S. to exclusive events with private estates and close relationships with jewelry and gem dealers forged over Walton’s 50-year history… 

When you’re looking for rare treasures such as authentic antique Art Deco and Victorian-era jewelry, it takes a discerning eye and a wealth of reputable sources.

While it’s often Julie or Miller sitting down with trusted jewelry and gem dealers, our entire teams’ phones are buzzing back in the showroom with play-by-play pictures and conversations about what pieces are truly must-haves.

The Art of Curating Rare Jewelry

Selecting the right pieces for our showroom requires incredible attention to detail both in our overall collection and each individual piece within. 

The needs and desires of our clients are always at the forefront of our minds as we look to build our showcases with timeless best-sellers, stand-out showstoppers, and a few private requests from our VIP collectors.  

Having selected the finest pieces in design and wearability, we bring our jewels back to our showroom where they pass through the hands of every member of our team as they are professionally graded and documented, repaired, polished, photographed, and displayed in our cases and on our website’s New Arrivals page. 

We've often had pieces sell within 24 hours of landing on our New Arrivals page and while we're always happy to source or create a similar piece to "the one that got away", we do encourage collectors to bookmark and frequently check that page as many of the pieces we receive are truly one-of-a-kind.

Yours in style and trust,
Julie and the Walton's Team