Warm Golds and Wintery Blues - November Gems

Warm Golds and Wintery Blues - November Gems

Though popular thought would lead you to believe that November birthstones are always a warm honey-hue, there's really so much more to choose...

Both citrine and topaz indeed come in a stunning array of buttery yellows and amber-tinged oranges that have long been associated with wealth since the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

In fact, before advancements in gemological tools around the turn of the 20th century, all yellow, orange, and brown gemstones were generally regarded as topaz.

It was then discovered that Topaz could come in a rainbow of colors, and citrine was an entirely separate gemstone that was a type of colored quartz (much like amethyst).

From the rich gold and red of Imperial Topaz to the multitude of blue shades available in Swiss and London Topaz, it's a stunningly beautiful stone that captures all the shades of this late autumn and early winter time.

Both citrine and topaz can be affected by high heat and certain chemicals, so it's important to have your gems cleaned by a professional — especially if they're antique!

You can stop by our showroom anytime during business hours or book a private appointment to receive a complimentary cleaning and browse our selection of citrine, topaz, and countless other gemstones in stunning one-of-a-kind settings.

From marking a November birthday or anniversary to getting ahead of your holiday shopping, our team of GIA-educated professionals can indulge you in jewelry that will be treasured for many lifetimes.

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Julie and the Walton's Team