All Hail Emerald: the Beauty of Queen Victoria’s Birthstone

All Hail Emerald: the Beauty of Queen Victoria’s Birthstone

Of the many opulent gifts granted to Queen Victoria upon her birth in 1819, a few stayed with her throughout her lifetime. Among these were her undisputed claim to the throne, treasured royal heirlooms, and a birthstone as beautiful as May's emerald.

As a royal, she wore the glittering green gem for much of her life having been gifted with emerald jewelry even as a child. However, her most celebrated emerald jewels came from her beloved husband Prince Albert. From her famed engagement ring featuring a snake with a stunning emerald set in its head, Albert began collaborating with royal jewelers to create beautiful emerald pieces with ever-growing extravagance.

Queen Victoria would record in her diary in 1843 , “We were very busy looking over various pieces of old jewelry of mine, settling to have some reset, in order to add to my fine parures. Albert has such taste and arranged everything for me about my jewels.”

After the christening of her eldest son, she received a matching parure set including a necklace with large square cut emeralds bordered by glittering white diamonds, a matching brooch, and pair of earrings incorporating the same design with stunning pear-shaped dangles. This exquisite tiara graced Queen Victoria on countless occasions, adorning many of her royal portraits.

A year later, she would be gifted her most memorable piece of emerald jewelry (and arguably one of the most recognizable examples in the world)—her beloved tiara, set with diamonds and emeralds throughout with inverted pear cut emeralds on top, was worn on countless occasions including her sittings for many royal portraits.

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