An Inside Look at Antique Lockets

An Inside Look at Antique Lockets

As with so many creations in the world of jewelry, lockets are thought to have originated in ancient Egypt as amulets, talismans, and mementos. Lockets experienced a steady growth in popularity throughout Europe starting in the 1500s when they were used as a means to ward off evil spirits.

Victorian mourning lockets often contained the hair of hand-painted portrait of a loved one.

Having received a heart-shaped locket for her first birthday, Queen Victoria's collection grew substantially over the years and sparked a gifting trend within the royal family. As years went on, she would receive lockets to commemorate birthdays, anniversaries, and even the passing of her beloved Prince Albert.

With the invention of photography, lockets have remained a popular choice for marking important life milestones and sentimental gifting occassions.

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