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The Unexpected Comeback: Brooches in Menswear

The Unexpected Comeback: Brooches in Menswear

Have you ever stumbled upon an old family photo and found yourself admiring the sharpness of men's fashion? The suits were always perfectly tailored, the shoes polished to a gleam, and there, pinned to a lapel, was a little piece of history—a brooch.

Once considered a relic of the past, brooches are making a surprising and stylish comeback in menswear. Yes, you heard that right! Brooches are no longer just for your grandmother's jewelry box; they're the new (or rather, renewed) stars of modern men's fashion.

Victorian Watch Chain held in place by two Art Nouveau Stick Pins

From Function to Fashion

Brooches have been around for centuries, originally serving a very practical purpose. In ancient times, they were used to fasten garments together, a necessity before buttons and zippers came along. Think of them as the ancient world's equivalent of a safety pin, but far more glamorous.

As fashion evolved, so did the design of the brooch. By the Victorian era, brooches had transformed into intricate works of art, often adorned with gemstones and diamonds. They came a symbol of status and wealth, proudly worn by both men and women. Fast forward to the 20th century, and brooches found their place in military uniforms, denoting rank and valor.

But somewhere along the way, brooches slipped out of the spotlight, especially in menswear. They became associated with femininty and were relegated to the realm of constume jewelry. Until now.

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski at the 2024 Critics Choice Awards | Source: Shutterstock

The Revival: Why Brooches are Back

So, what's sparked the renaissance of brooches in menswear? The answer lies in the ever-evolving landscape of fashion. In recent years, there's been a shift towards personal expression and breaking traditional norms in clothing. Accessories like brooches offer a unique way to stand out and express individuality.

Look at any red carpet event, and you're likely to spot a brooch or two. Celebrities like Harry Styles and Timothée Chalamet have been seen sporting brooches, often daring and unconventional. When these trendsetters embrace an accessory, it's only a matter of time before the rest of us follow suit.

Top fashion designers have also played a significant role in this resurgence. Brands like Gucci and Alexander McQueen have featured brooches prominently in their menswear collections. These designers aren't just throwing a brooch on for show; they're integrating them into their overall aesthetic, proving that brooches can be both masculine and stylish.

Art Deco Platinum, Diamond, and Onyx Bow Brooch

How to Wear a Brooch

Alright, you're convinced. Brooches are cool again, and you want in. But how do you pull it off without looking like you raided your grandmother's jewelry box? Here are some tips to help you rock a brooch with confidence.

  1. Placement matters: Traditionally, brooches are worn on the left lapel of a jacket. But fashion is all about breaking rules, so feel free to experiment. Try pinning a brooch on your shirt collar, pocket, or even a beanie.
  2. Coordinate with Other Accessories: If you're wearing other accessories like cufflinks or a watch, try to coordinate them with your brooch. This creates a cohesive look that's stylish without being too matchy-matchy.
  3. Confidence is Key: The most important accessory you can wear with a brooch is confidence. Own your look and wear your brooch with pride.

Appreciating the Art

As brooches continue to gain popularity in Hollywood and beyond, there's no better time to add this timeless accessory to your collection. In an age where personal expression is highly valued, brooches offer a unique way to showcase one's style and personality.

Whether you're a long-time fan of these pieces or a newcomer looking to make a stylish statement, we have the perfect brooch waiting for you. Explore the collection and discover the appeal of brooches for yourself.