Curious About Jewelry Restoration & Redesign?

Curious About Jewelry Restoration & Redesign?

Restore. Repair. Reimagine.
Custom Jewelry

After nearly 50 years serving Downtown Franklin and the greater Nashville area, we're known for our expertise in antique and estate jewelry. As you can imagine, we've acquired and sold thousands of one-of-a-kind pieces each with its own precious story, but you might be surprised to hear this:

What has touched our hearts is the opportunity to preserve our clients' own slice of history by restoring, repairing, and reimagining their cherished heirlooms.

In the example above, our client brought in an heirloom ring that had been loved for many decades. Our team replaced the missing diamond, sourced a beautiful blue topaz for the center, and restored the white gold mounting to its original shine.

Our team of GIA Accredited Jewelry Professionals and expert repair specialists are ready to help. Whether you have an heirloom stone that needs resetting or a fully bespoke project in mind, we'd love to create something together that will be cherished for many generations.

No matter your jewelry needs, our certified staff would happily meet you for a complimentary consultation to discuss the details.

We're here to help and can't wait to hear from you!
Julie and the Walton's Team