Emeralds: The Perfectly Imperfect Gem

Emeralds: The Perfectly Imperfect Gem

Verdant. Vibrant. And very nearly everyone's favorite shade of springtime... 

Unlike other gems which can be found in a rainbow of colors, emeralds are always green and the exact amount of color that distinguishes an emerald from a green beryl is debated.

The Art of Acquiring Emeralds

When acquiring emeralds for our showroom, the expert gemologists at Walton's look for good color saturation — not too dark or too light.

Inclusions are normal. In fact, nearly 90% of all natural emeralds have them, which give a highly distinctive and desirable look known as jardin (French for "garden").

Uncovering the Rarity of Emeralds

With such stunning beauty comes a level of natural fragility. Emeralds are soft gems that should be worn with care — especially when it comes to rings that are more prone to damage with daily wear than pendants, brooches, or earrings.

This relative softness and the many ways it can be worked around is a big part of why we're so particular about what emeralds make it into the showroom.

👉 And to think, emeralds are already over 20 times rarer than diamonds!

Passing on the Legacy

Being a new mother to a May baby, there's an emerald ring my Maw Maw wore that I hope my daughter will someday inherit.

Emerald jewelry carries prestige that makes it a popular family heirloom and the perfect "special occasion" gemstone.


With the trusted sourcing we provide at Walton's, it's easy to find antique emerald pieces that will stand the test of time and be cherished by many future generations.

You don't need to have a May birthday to embrace emeralds and give your spring look a gorgeous touch of green! You can shop our newest arrivals and receive complimentary shipping or even set up a private appointment for in-person or virtual browsing on our website.

We're here to help and can't wait to hear from you!
Julie and the Walton's Team