Enamel Jewelry History

Enamel Jewelry History

An enduring testament to craftsmanship's triumph over time, enamel jewelry offers astonishing durability and versatility.

Even for seasoned jewelry specialists, it can be a challenge to articulate the qualities of enamel jewelry as they can vary so greatly depending on its application.

Made by fusing powdered glass and pigment to metal with high heat, enamel offers unparalleled creative control when translating a painter's vision into precious jewelry. Each piece of wearable art presents a rich opportunity to explore new colors, textures, and designs.

The art of enameling dates back to the Byzantine and early Greek empire — and surprisingly, many ancient methods used to create enamel jewelry and pieces from early antiquity have survived to this day!

Black, white, and blue have been especially popular enamel colors throughout history and offer a striking contrast to a variety of gemstones and metal tones; because the pigment of each piece of enamel jewelry is mixed individually, virtually any custom colors can be created.

Whether you're looking to add a truly unique piece of antique wearable art to your jewelry wardrobe or want to create your own custom enamel piece in your exact favorite color, our collection offers an exploration of history in all its elegance.

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