Jewelry Through the Generations

Jewelry Through the Generations

Distinguishing the history of a piece of jewelry can be difficult without proper expertise - especially when you consider how many eras of jewelry overlap.

But with a sharp eye for details and a little background, you can gain a better understanding of your family heirlooms and favorite pieces from the past.

Georgian Jewelry
1714 - 1837

Authentic Georgian jewelry represents the earliest and rarest pieces in our collection from the 18th and 19th centuries made from gold, diamonds, and other precious colored gems. Shop Georgian Jewelry >

Victorian Jewelry
1837 - 1901

Encompassing Queen Victoria's entire 60-year reign, Victorian jewelry holds many of the most distinctive and sought-after designs of the Romantic, Mourning, and Aesthetic jewelry of the 19th century. Shop Victorian Jewelry >

Art Nouveau Jewelry
1890 - 1915

Our curated selection of Art Nouveau jewelry overlaps the Victorian and Edwardian eras spanning the 19th and 20th centuries made with a characteristically delicate design. Shop Art Nouveau Jewelry >

Edwardian Jewelry
1901 - 1914

Coinciding with the king's reign, Edwardian jewelry showcases the incredible technological advances and craftsmanship of the early 20th century with bold design, fine details, and an emphasis on platinum filigree. Shop Edwardian Jewelry >

Art Deco Jewelry
1920 - 1939

Art Deco embodies the bold shift in design and symbolism that came after World War I. Sharp geometric motifs with clean lines, intricate mosaics, and big visual impact ruled this period of women's empowerment. Shop Art Deco Jewelry >


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