Opals and the Good News About "Bad Luck" 😉

Opals and the Good News About "Bad Luck" 😉

You may have heard the rumor that it's bad luck to wear opals if they're not your birthstone... You may have even heard that this myth was invented by De Beers to sell more diamonds...

But, in fact, opals have been considered lucky throughout most of human history from Ancient Rome to the Middle Ages.

The idea that opals are "bad luck" has its origins in art: Victorian literature, to be more exact.

The gemstone had significant involvement in the cause of the death of a main character in Sir Walter Scott's 1829 novel, Anne of Geierstein.

Nevertheless, when standardized birthstones were updated to include a transparent gem for each month, Tourmaline was selected as an alternate birthstone for October.

While opals often contain an entire rainbow in one stone, tourmaline comes in many different colors - each of which was believed to hold us own special power according to the Victorians.

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P.S. While it may not be true that the diamond engagement ring industry started the unlucky rumor, it is true that opal rings can be challenging for everyday wear due to their softness! Read on for more details on selecting the perfect engagement ring.