The elegance of Victorian era emeralds đź’š

The elegance of Victorian era emeralds đź’š

Born in May of 1819, Queen Victoria has long been one of the most legendary collectors of emerald jewelry.
As a royal, she wore the glittering green gem for much of her life – but her best-known pieces came from her beloved husband Prince Albert.

Starting with her engagement ring, featuring a snake with an emerald set in its head, Albert often gifted Queen Victoria with emerald pieces that he designed in collaboration with royal jewelers.

But perhaps her most memorable piece of emerald jewelry (and arguably one of the most recognizable examples in the world) is her diamond and emerald tiara which was worn on many occasions, including her sittings for royal portraits.

The tiara was given to her just one year after she received a matching necklace, earring, and brooch set that was worn to her eldest son’s christening. 

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