The Victorian Gifting Tradition of New Year's Eve

The Victorian Gifting Tradition of New Year's Eve

As a strictly religious observation, Christmas in the Victorian Era had few traditions — and gift-giving wasn’t one of them. But for Victorian royalty and high society who wanted to ring in the new year with an air of abundance, New Year's offered a wealth of opportunities to spread their generosity. 

While it was common for well-to-do families and lovers to exchange gifts, it was also not unheard of for the aristocracy to select adornments and finery for themselves!

As with many Victorian traditions, this one has its roots in superstition and the belief that wearing fresh wardrobe additions would welcome new beginnings.

Jewelry was a popular choice as it was often employed to be a powerful and enduring symbol of all that is hoped for in the new year. 

Perhaps this is why New Year’s is also among the top three most popular dates for proposals!

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a loved one, a piece of Victorian history can make for an exceptional one-of-a-kind gift that carries with it a beautiful legacy and will be a cherished heirloom for generations to come.

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Happy New Year!
Julie and the Walton's Team

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